Wednesday, February 22, 2006

meatpacking millionaires

I like it when regular people become super millionaires. I've got my own ideas about how I'll handle sudden sick wealth.

Eight workers at a meatpacking plant in Lincoln NE just won the largest lottery in U.S. history--$365 million.

The seven men and one woman bought the winning Powerball ticket at a convenience store near the ConAgra ham processing plant where they worked. At least three of the winners are immigrants — two from Vietnam and one from the Congo.

“This is great country!” said Quang Dao, 56, who came to the United States in 1988. He still has family in Vietnam and said he plans to help them financially with his winnings.

The Nebraska workers had the option of taking the money in one lump sum or 30 annual installments. They chose the lump sum and will get $15.5 million each after taxes.

Three of the group quit their jobs when they hit the jackpot.

“I’ve been retired for about four days now,” said Eric Zornes, 40.

fucking cool.


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