Monday, March 27, 2006

spike lee's new joint

My sister sent me an e-mail this morning asking if I wanted to see the new Spike Lee film "The Inside Man." This is what I have to say about Spike Lee:

Spike Lee's "joints" are always boring. This new movie is supposed to be boring also... it's like getting solid 2.5 stars across the board. It's only notable because spike isn't hammering "RACISM!!" and "INJUSTICE!!" over your head for 3.5 hours (spike lee's movies are always a minimum of one hour too long).

look here:

I saw SHE HATE ME. I couldn't believe how stupid it was. There was "RACISM!!" and "INJUSTICE!!" in it.

I saw HE GOT GAME. I couldn't believe that it had to be 4 hours long. There was "RACISM!!" and "INJUSTICE!!" in it.

Spike Lee actually gets more attention when he makes a movie that's main focus is not "RACISM!!" and "INJUSTICE!!" ... rather regulating "RACISM!!" and "INJUSTICE!!" to his third or fouth subplot.

My favorite Spike Lee joke (by Howard Stern): "MALCOLM X should have been called MALCOLM Z-Z-Z-Z."

I can't be bothered with Spike Lee and his bullshit. He's a wealthy black man who sits courtside at Knicks games at the Garden, bitches every year about how he doesn't get Academy Award nominations because he's black, and cashes in on "exposing" racism in America.

If he was all that interested in helping black people, he'd do it like Bill Cosby does it: sitting in his mansion criticizing poor blacks in America who have to go to under-subsidized shit public schools -- and have no money -- for not "respecting themselves" by not going to college.

so, "no. I don't want to see the new Spike Lee joint."


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