Thursday, December 02, 2004

a couple of drinks

My last night in Denver I went out with my sister for a couple of drinks and had planned to come back early (my flight was at 9 am, and the airport is a good 40 mins from the city).

We met up with this guy named **matthew she's met a couple times at the bar and then started to shoot some pool and then went over to that kid's house, and then didn't get back to her place until after 3 am, and so we said fuck it and stayed up.

I got maybe an hour's rest, and then I walked from her place a mile and a half with a heavy backpack to the bus station to catch the 6:20 to the airport. From there I caught my 9 am flight and sat in front of some lower income parents of a screaming 4 year old girl (who matched her screaming - scream for scream)... but I was so dead ass tired that I crashed through it all and only woke once to turbulance over Rockford (they had GPS read outs on the screen in the seat ahead of you).

Then I landed in Chicago, took the blue line to Irving Park road, and walked 4 blocks to the neighborhood I ditched my car in on Nov 20th and walked down the wrong street and didn't see my car and was sure it was towed and then walked another street, found it, drove home, went through a ton of mail, showered and layed down from 3 to 7 pm. fuck dude.

**oh yeah, regarding this matthew character... only after showing us his personal picasso recreations (that he called "pifaasos"),.. talking about life in Alaska,.. the bravery of the eskimo who hunt whales with spears and canoes,.. showing us, and in great detail, describing the different shit that just "goes on" in his haunted apartment,.. did he drop that he was in the #15 round of the 2000 MLB draft and had been a pitcher for San Francisco.

this sort of shit happen a bit out there on this trip. last sat night me and my two sisters saw r.e.m. at the filmore, and then caught "banyan" which was stephen perkins' (drummer from jane's addicition) side band. after the banyan show stephen perkins told my sister that she was beautiful asked her to go back to the hotel with all of them. fucking in front of me. I looked down at short little stephen perkins and said "no".


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