Thursday, December 16, 2004

drunks or new parents

I received a link to the online Kodak digital photo album from the party I attended Saturday night. Looking at the other albums I have in my "account" I noticed a great contrast between subject matters.

One group of photo albums is parties at bars for going away bashes, brthday parties, etc. and features pictures of 30 year olds drinking and smoking and hugging.

The other group of photo albums is collections of pictures of babies that my adult 30 year old friends have snapped and distributed. It's usually 25 variations of the same picture of a baby sleeping.

I wonder which extreme is most suiting for me at this time... I can't say for certain that I like being in photos with drunk people, yet I don't feel too old to be a part of that scene. At the same time I don't know what it would be like to be settled with a kid... I don't feel old enough to be a part of that lifestyle.

So, which is more annoying: drunks or new parents?

Drunks are irrational, sloppy, broke, and fucking disgusting if you're sober and they're not. New parents are tired, have nothing new to say, are quickly becoming bad/worse dressers and distribute photo albums featuring 25 variations of the same picture of a baby sleeping.

And they all think that their baby is so fucking amazing and intelligent. There's a guy I work with who was just re-enacting the sounds and movements that his year old was making when she recognized a baby toy. The incomprehensible shrieks and gibberish. How stupid. Who cant do that? If you really want to impress me, I'd like to see the kid take apart and then re-assemble a rifle blindfolded. Forward me pictures of that.

In summary, I'll probably just end up making a baby of my own some night when I'm drunk.

sorry for the lame post.


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