Wednesday, December 22, 2004


do yourself a favor and click on the Jay-Z Black Album + Beatles White Album = DJ Danger Mouse Grey Album at the bottom of the links collumn to the right. I'm admittedly pretty late to this mix... but, it's fucking brilliant.

DJ Danger Mouse did an expert job mixing and cutting clips from the White Album... some of the shit is almost unrecognizable. So he can't sell it for legality reasons? It's a damn good showcase of his production talent, and whatever he works on next will be watched. cool man.


It's fucking cold in Chicago these days.


Last night I took one for the team... played wingman... was a good friend, and went out with Intense Rick, and set up the night out with a girl he wants to get to know better named Beth, which unfortunately met I had to set it up and hang out with Ellen. I'm convinced that Ellen is mental.

I was super-retardo tired. I wanted to be home by 10:30, but was out until 12:30. Rick and Beth seemed to hit it off well enough. I had told Rick that Ellen was fucked up, but he didn't see it. He left me a voice mail today mentioning that Ellen was "off". Yeah.

At the end of the night I got the fuck outta there. We were drinking at this lame bar that's directly behind Ellen's house. I had walked to the L platform and got a ring on the cell from Ellen asking me if I'd walk her home. I said no and hung up. She's so stupid... she really can't figure out why I don't want her. She must have only date jocks and dumb fuckin ball-lickaz.

Why can't I have a cool fan base?


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