Tuesday, September 27, 2005

GOP christian propaganda

original message:

McComb aftermath of Katrina

To my friends and family:
From a McComb, Mississippi Resident

What I have seen since Katrina:

The poor and the wealthy hurt by the storm.

Black, white, Hispanic, Oriental and Indian all hurt by the storm.

Christian people giving, giving, giving.

Churches going all out to minister in Jesus' name.

Neighbors going door to door helping one another.

Thugs and hoodlums going door to door looking for someone vulnerable.

Ice and water being fought over as police tried to keep the peace.

People coming up from New Orleans taking over empty houses because shelters are full.

Out of town volunteers coming with food and staying for now a week still serving it.

The Churches all over this part of the country doing what Christians do in a crisis.

The Red Cross doing a great job in the shelters.

The Salvation Army doing a great job in the community.

Four Hundred crewman from everywhere bring back the power to our homes, churches and businesses.

Lines at service stations a block to a mile long.

National Guardsman patrolling the streets of Mc Comb along with Kentucky policemen protecting us from the hoodlums and thugs of Mc Comb, Pike County and New Orleans (the most dangerous city in the world before Katrina).

Drug dealers working outside shelters.

Doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel working tirelessly, even sleeping in the hospital to do the job God called them to do.


The ACLU setting up a feeding line.

People for the American Way helping in the shelters.

The NAACP doing any work whatsoever.

The American Atheist organization serving meals in the shelters.

Jesse Jackson directing traffic at the gas stations.

I could go on but you get my message. Its the Christian people with love and compassion who do the work.

The gripers in Congress should come on down and get in line to pass the water and the ice. Are you listening Hillary, Chuck, Teddy and all the sorry loafers we call Senators and Congressmen. They don't have a clue as to what this life is all about here on the Gulf Coast.


they really shouldn't damn those leftist organizations (some of which who, incidentally, are doing things that Jesus requested like "love your brother" or "help out those less fortunate than you") without sending equal kicks to the right... it kills an arguement (where they're really wasn't an argument until the last 5 lines... just a lot of patting yourself on the back for getting baptised).

keep in mind that this sort of message serves three functions:

1. to connect right wing republicans (those who claim to be the christian party... show me some evidence) with the christians doing selfless work in the damaged regions... i think we've seen the republicans punished in the media and public opinion for their lack of help.

2. the further kick democrats (for WHAT reason?) and discredit organizations that in theory are meant to help people.

The ACLU will keep heat on big government who apparently wants to take more rights away with its patriot act... its renewal of the patriot act... to make the patriot act stronger. this is the work and recomendation of the bush administration. The ACLU also fights for bisexual transgenders who want to attend college... or some such bullshit, so the ACLU an easy target for upity christians.

what does this situation have to do with anything that the NAACP works for or fosters? take notice: the NAACP is NOT a rescue organization. But, then again, this was written by a resident of the fine ignorant racist shit kicker state of Mississippi... so, draw your own conclusion here.

The American Atheist organization... again, not a rescue organization, just a group of sad social outcasts who just want to piss you off and publicly embarass their parents. question: does anyone take the American Atheist organization seriously?

"The gripers in Congress should come on down and get in line to pass the water and the ice. Are you listening Hillary, Chuck, Teddy and all the sorry loafers we call Senators and Congressmen."

sure, single them out... there are WAY worst fuckers out there... a good example would be starting with the current administration.

3. christians... don't be fooled. this message was written and forwarded by right wing republican bs meant to align christians with republicans. they're nowhere near the same thing... and actions speak louder than words. need a clue? pick up a newspaper published within the last month. this is another grassroots way for the GOP to remind you that humans mess up but that they're the party of God.

it's sick.

But, then again, this was written by a resident of the fine ignorant racist shit kicker state of Mississippi... so, draw your own conclusion here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Los Angeles

my brother in propaganda is currently living in Los Angeles... below is a message exchange from earlier this week...


"Don't believe the lies of the liars at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and 10 Downing Street," Gadahn insists. "They have dispatched your sons and daughters to die lonely deaths in the burning deserts of Iraq and the unforgiving mountains of Afghanistan."

ABC news

I've been talking to a lot of people about evacuating chicago if needed. I already decided that I'm going to get the fuck out of here.

Here's my plan:

1. get gun(s)
2. grab what is needed from my apartment and leave.

I'll end up either biking or walking back to my parents place in wisconsin. I doubt I'd be able to drive out. cash will be useless, and nobody mistakes a gun. ideally I'll have a pump action shotgun plus at least two handguns. I'll use that shit too to get out of here.

I remember seeing that your van was loaded and ready to evac. keep it ready to MOVE.



thanks for the package. i particularily like 'picking up girls made easy' and 'madlib.' tight shit, man.

i've been preparing for the end for 6 years now. no circumstance will surprise me, and i have redundancy built into my primary escape portfolios, including the 15 gallons of water and selected foodstuffs i have hiked and stashed at my staging area near the peaks in griffith, and a separate cache in los padres national forest (biking distance at 120 miles). los padres is nice because it is at moderate altitude, and mostly detached from the common currents - good for avoiding fallout. my pack is always ready, sans gun, as is my girlfriend's pack (i've crash coursed her over the last 2 years in basic survival). we are fully self-contained for 2-3 weeks, roughly.

i've been mulling over the gun issue for some time now, and even before nowlins sank, i was gonna get on board with this handy little firecracker, about $150.00 at the nearby gunshop in burbank

i like that it can be easily concealed, and that the ammo doesn't weigh a whole lot. it is also simple in parts and breakdown. stopping power is another issue, though, but what this one lacks in takedown it makes up for in portability. thursday is payday,and i'm no longer on the fence about this...

you know, the power was just out all over LA, and people everywhere were flipping out, with the new tape and all... i grabbed my headlamp out of my daypack, strapped up, and went outside to bounce a tennis ball against the side of our building, giggling at the scared herd of hysteriacs crowded into our parking lot. fools.

nobody laughs at crazy-shawn anymore.

brother at the end,

Thursday, September 08, 2005

heavy rotation -- august '05

1. stones throw 101
2. coldplay -- a rush of blood to the head / x&y
3. yesterdays new quintet -- stevie
4. sleater-kinney -- the woods
5. dr. dooom -- first come, first served

1. in the realms of the unreal
2. gumball 3000
3. end of the century: the ramones
4. dead alive
5. wedding crashers

1. rescue me
2. battlestar galactica

1. the time traveler's wife by audrey niffenegger
2. a confederacy of dunces by john kennedy toole
3. a pretext to war by james bamford
4. the coming global superstorm by art bell and whitley strieber
5. hiroshima by john hersey

seven years

September 1st was my 7th anniversary of living in Chicago.

The day I moved here -- September 1st 1998 -- was the longest day of my life.


1. I woke up in Milwaukee around 9 a.m. I was living in a college house with 6 friends. All of my shit was boxed up and in the side living room.

2. I drove from Milwaukee to Racine to pick up my uncle's van. he kept me at his place to bullshit for at least 20 minutes (10:30 a.m.).

3. I got on the road and drove 15 miles to my grandmother's place to pick up two chairs, and then to my parent's place in Janesville (65 miles) to drop them off (noon).

4. I ate something and then drove back to milwaukee (80 miles) to pack the van. I said goodbye to milwaukee and college (3:00 p.m.).

5. I drove into Racine to look for the court house to try to get out of a speeding ticket. I couldn't find it, so I said fuck it. I think I finally paid that ticket off in 2001 or 2002 (4:00 p.m.).

6. I drove into Chicago rush hour traffic and crawled through the I-90 Kennedy Expressway (6:30 p.m.).

7. I finally got off of the Kennedy and drove through heavy traffic to my new residence at the intersection of Clark/Roscoe. I ran into a night Cubs game. I double parked the van and turned on the hazzards. Two of my roommates ran downstairs and helped me unload all the shit. I dumped it all into my new bedroom, drove around looking for parking for 20 mins., found parking and then went back to the apartment and and chilled for a bit (9:00 p.m.).

8. After the night game let out (10:00 p.m.), I got into the van and drove back to Racine (100 miles) to drop off the van (12:00 a.m.) and retrieve my car.

9. I then drove back to Janesville (75 miles), and crashed on my high school bed (2:00 a.m.).

10. The next day -- September 1st 1998 -- my parents and sister drove me to Chicago and dropped me off. I was a 24 year old fresh college graduate with no job lined up and $4,000 in savings, living three blocks from wrigley field with two friends from college and another guy who turned out to be a total dick, who went to DePaul. My dad told me that he wished he was me.


September 1st 2003 -- five years to the day -- was a bad day. Shannon expressed full-on paranoid breakdown, and killed it. I remember her meeting me at my apartment to pick up her shit... most noteably her Technics 1200 turntable. I drove her back to her place and was at a total loss because of all of it was sudden, and I wasn't ready for it to be over.

I dropped her off and went home. The french windows in my apartment were open, whipping stronger Fall winds through the front room. I noticed the crater of open space where the turntable had been, and the sinking feeling that I was ditched and going to be alone for awhile creeped in.

I recalled that THAT day was five years to the day that I'd moved to Chicago. It made me feel worse. I was defeated and questioned WHAT did it all mean.


September 1st 2005 was a good day (for me anyways,.. kind of a shitty day for anyone on the Gulf coast). At the end of a long day I disqguised my identity by wearing a form-fitted ball cap and black sunglasses, took the L home.

I stood above a hot blonde who was wearing a green t-shirt that said something about pirates and was playing a video game on a T-Mobile. she wore excellent artistic jewelry and I liked her bag. She looked up once and it was her -- Jen from Lollapalooza 2005 and Madison 1993 -- she was beautiful. At one stop, the person sitting next to her got up, and I took the vacant seat.

I sat there for a couple of minutes thinking about how bizarre this all was. I recalled everything that I'd thought of this particular stranger over the past 12 years, and the cosmic occurance of actually running into her and speaking to her this last summer. I questioned if I should say anything, but I recalled two things:

1. The last time I spoke to her I could tell that she was kind of unsure what to think of the whole deal.

2. I've recently met a girl that I've gelled with -- also named Jen -- and I was headed to her place to go out.

I decided to not say anything, and rather enjoy the creepy reality that I was aware of who this person is, and she doesn't know me at all. I got to sneak some looks... she's super hot, and appears to be my type. Just not in the cards this trip around.

Meeting the new Jen kind of killed the opportunity to meet the cosmic Jen. I'll take that to mean that I like the new Jen.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

religion teacher deemed "too hot" to teach about jesus

Caterina Bonci said Church authorities decided she was just too attractive and dressed too sexy to teach religion after 14 years on the job.

The Church says it sacked the 38-year-old blonde from the central Adriatic city of Fano because she is divorced.

so what? there's lots of catholics out there living in sin.

She said she has never hidden her 2000 divorce from Church authorities, dresses down when teaching and defended her right to dress how she likes in her private life.

she wants to show off that 38 year old ass...

She said reports that fathers accompanied their children to religion classes so they could look at her meant little to her as long as the children came to class.

“When a woman is considered too sexy and attractive in a small town it becomes a big thing,” she said.

these are ITALIANS after all.

Look at that picture again, this time a bit closer... why is it that people who deem themselves attractive rarely are? this bird looks like she's been hanging onto the attention she got when she was 18 for the past twenty years.

hot religion teacher article

Friday, September 02, 2005

worthless leadership

you need to listen to New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin on a radio interview this morning.

this cat is not fucking around -- and he publicly states that the federal government and the president are worthless, the response is a 'national disgrace.'

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on WWL radio


George W. Bush:

"Bureaucracy is not going to stand in the way of getting the job done for the people," the president said after a meeting at the White House with his Cabinet on storm recovery efforts.

ironic... isn't standing around giving speeches about what you say you're going to do actually keeping you from doing something?

"What I intend to do is lead an investigation to find out what went right and what went wrong," Bush said. "We still live in an unsettled world. We want to make sure we can respond properly if there is a WMD (weapons of mass destruction) attack or another major storm."

oh yeah, weapons of mass destruction. I forgot about those. I'm suprised that his handlers fed him that term,.. seeing as when used together "Bush" and "WMD" equals "load" and "horse shit".


Thursday, September 01, 2005

old and busted

"I'm not old... I'm young and beautiful and current and with it!"

Look here: chicago scene to discover the lowest common denominator.

This explains why American Idol is a runaway hit and why standardized test scores in math and science have been on the decline every year since my birth in 1974... Americans are becoming increasingly vapid.

My bloodline originated in Ireland and Germany... I may have to immigrate back there.

For further insight into this moronic "community" (there's no real culture in this community), read the "NYC Bouncer" link in the right collumn...

on a totally related note:

As gas prices hit new records across the country, the top average price for unleaded regular hit $2.84 in Chicago, according to the Lundberg Survey, which checked fuel prices at 7,000 stations nationwide. That compared with the lowest average -- ironically, $2.45 a gallon in Hurricane Katrina-whipped New Orleans, said the survey, which studied the two weeks ending Aug. 26.

You don't need to tell that to Charles Ibitoye. He looked dazed after he spent $65 to fill up his Ford Expedition on Monday.

"I guess I can't eat lunch,'' said Ibitoye, 38, a janitor at Holy Angels School in Chicago.

"Now isn't that ridiculous?'' asked his sympathetic father-in-law, Bill Gaither, 58.

what is he getting at by calling it "ridiculous"?

is it ridiculous that a janitor (who is apparently living beyond his means) is driving a ford expedition? (you know,.. it's all about appearance and shit... you're either making it or faking it)

or is it justified that SUV drivers are blowing a shitload of cash out their ass because they drive cars with bullshit mileage? you don't drive a truck that gets 16 miles to the gallon unless you can afford it, dummy.


one last kick: nice hair, retard.