Friday, March 31, 2006


do the evolution

Monday, March 27, 2006

spike lee's new joint

My sister sent me an e-mail this morning asking if I wanted to see the new Spike Lee film "The Inside Man." This is what I have to say about Spike Lee:

Spike Lee's "joints" are always boring. This new movie is supposed to be boring also... it's like getting solid 2.5 stars across the board. It's only notable because spike isn't hammering "RACISM!!" and "INJUSTICE!!" over your head for 3.5 hours (spike lee's movies are always a minimum of one hour too long).

look here:

I saw SHE HATE ME. I couldn't believe how stupid it was. There was "RACISM!!" and "INJUSTICE!!" in it.

I saw HE GOT GAME. I couldn't believe that it had to be 4 hours long. There was "RACISM!!" and "INJUSTICE!!" in it.

Spike Lee actually gets more attention when he makes a movie that's main focus is not "RACISM!!" and "INJUSTICE!!" ... rather regulating "RACISM!!" and "INJUSTICE!!" to his third or fouth subplot.

My favorite Spike Lee joke (by Howard Stern): "MALCOLM X should have been called MALCOLM Z-Z-Z-Z."

I can't be bothered with Spike Lee and his bullshit. He's a wealthy black man who sits courtside at Knicks games at the Garden, bitches every year about how he doesn't get Academy Award nominations because he's black, and cashes in on "exposing" racism in America.

If he was all that interested in helping black people, he'd do it like Bill Cosby does it: sitting in his mansion criticizing poor blacks in America who have to go to under-subsidized shit public schools -- and have no money -- for not "respecting themselves" by not going to college.

so, "no. I don't want to see the new Spike Lee joint."

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Gone (Written by Ed Vedder)

No more upset mornings
No more trying evenings
It's the American Dream I am disbelieving.
When the gas in my tank feels like money in the bank
I’m gonna blow it all this time, take me one last ride.
The lights of the city, they only look good when I’m speeding
I wanna leave em all behind me because this time I’m gone
Gone, going for it all this time, gone.
In the far off distance
As my taillights fade
No one to witness but they will someday
Feel like a question is forming
And the answers
I will be what I could be
Once I get out of this town.
The lights of this city
They’ve lost all of their feeling
I wanna leave em all behind me because this time I’m gone
Gone, going for it all, this time I’m gone
Nothing is everything
I’ll have it all
If nothing is everything then I will have it all.
I’m gone.

pearl jam - gone.mp3

monkey wrench radio transcript

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

fly amongst the stars, fallen reeves

nice photo... the one with reeve as lex luthor sitting in his world dominator chair, and his wife above him.... they keep that room at a cool 55 degrees.

Monday, March 06, 2006


I woke up this year in my hot girlfriend JS’ bed to her dog wearing a Happy Birthday hat and a toffee and walnut coated rum cake coming out of the oven. I ate 3 slices with a cup of coffee. JS then gave me a tent, which was great because I had been talking about buying one this spring, and she had been listening.

I rode pista 9 miles in the 40 degree fog to the loop to work. I cut through two projects and was out the door by 12:30—the ideal work day: in long enough to be productive, out soon enough to keep from getting pissed off about something or someone.

I ate sushi with my sister and my friend Dan and then I went to the gym to get in a 30 minute work out. I then biked to Wicker Park to meet up with JS for a while. We looked online… she bought me the expensive tent. I was pleased.

I biked to Big Hair and got my haircut. The girl cutting hair told me that she was trying out for the Windy City Rollers and needed a name. She said some other girls had names like “Courtney Shove” and “Shirley Temple of Doom.” The only name I could come up with was “Donnareah.”

I biked home and started to clean the place up. I then biked to JS’ to take the dog out. He was happy to see me and then bummed when I was leaving him to go to the grocery store. I swung back and picked him up after buying groceries and went to my place to clean up some more and get ready for JS to take me to dinner.

I called my sister to come over early in case anyone got there before 9 p.m. JS and I ate an excellent Italian dinner at the joint across the street from my crib, and walked home at 9 p.m. when the kids started to show. My last guest left at 1:30 a.m.

It was a good 32.